Client Accomplishments

LA singer-songwriter Lio Nicol started taking in-person and via Skype as a beginner (52 sec)Singing Lessons NYC success story with Lio Nicol

Client Accomplishments

Can I just brag on my super awesome clients for a sec?  Here’s a partial list of the recent stuff they did – amateur & pro:

Clients Who Started As Beginner With Pro Aspirations Were

  • GRAMMY nominated (Whaaaa????)
  • Played sold out solo concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum (capacity ike 13,000 people)
  • 3 certified #1 hit songs based on albums and single sales
  • 6 certified top 10 songs based on album and single sales
  • Certified multi-platinum album sales
  • San Diego Music Awards wins and nominations
  • LA Music Awards wins and nominations
  • Artists In Music Awards (Hollywood) wins
  • Bay Area Music Awards wins and nominations
  • Venues like the Vienna Opera House, South by Southwest, headliner at Bali Jazz Festival, more
  • Tons of song placements in film and TV
  • Tons of cd’s recorded
  • American Idol Golden Ticket winner
  • Superstar K
  • Super Idol – my client took 2nd place.  This is like American Idol but for the Taipei market
  • The Voice
  • Honestly if this thing gets too long, it gets boring, so I’ll spare you guys

Beginning Clients with Personal Goals

  • Multiple people have sang at their own wedding – this is a common and beautiful goal
  • Going from totally freaked out to even sing Happy Birthday with a group of people to being able to sing a song solo in front of friends
  • People who thought they were tone deaf have gone on to sing on key and some even reassessed their goals and started singing professionally
  • Many have worked up a karaoke tune for home or office parties or for singing with friends in a karaoke room
  • Sang to their BF/GF/spouse at Valentine’s Day
  • Sang to their then-BF/GF when they proposed
  • TONS of other super fun and sometimes super touching personal projects

Students With School Goals

  • Of my clients who have studied at least a year, we have a 96% acceptance rate to their school of choice
  • A few have taken and passed the Coronado School of the Arts audition
  • A few have taken and passed the School of the Arts audition in San Francisco
  • A few have been accepted after auditioning for Manhattan School of Music and New England School of Music at the graduate jazz level
  • Berklee, of course.  😀
  • Musicians’ Institute in LA
  • More