Dr Felix Graham

Ellie here! I dig Dr Felix! He holds a doctorate in vocal pedagogy from Columbia, is VP of the New York Singing Teachers Association, and is a total voice nerd with specialties ranging from belt voices for pop/rock and theatre to transgender voice. I’ve actually taken voice w Dr F myself and got so much out of them that I hired him! Dr Felix is amazing with people and what I like about him is he brings the love to our clients and makes them feel secure and when I next hear them they sound amazing! Dr Felix has authored many papers, done masterclasses, and made presentations at National Association of the Teachers of Singing and elsewhere throughout the United States and Europe. Topics range from how to spot and treat vocal injuries, age and voice – from kids to elderly, women’s voices, understanding the changing voice in teenage boys, trans voice, and music as a tool for social justice. Dr Felix is a FTM trans man and works with trans clients and cis clients alike – he is a top notch voice technician and I’m really lucky to be able to hire him. Felix is a veteran of some of the top studios in Manhattan and has worked extensively in not only classical but also to prepare people for professional careers in pop, rock, and theatre singing. He is also Vice President of the New York Singing Teachers’ Association.