Programs & Lessons Length

I offer two lesson lengths on the online scheduler.  And of course you can combine them to make a lesson length of your preference.  But the ones I typically do are lessons of 50 minutes duration and lessons of 100 minutes duration (1 hr and 40 min).

I have a few different kinds of lessons and a couple programs.

Single vs A Series

You can take lessons in single sessions (one by one) or in packages.  I have packages of 6 lessons taken over 8 weeks with a cut rate available through the online scheduler.  There is also a more intense series of study called the Semester Program

Semester Program

This is a set of 12-17 lessons taken in a season (starting January/February, June, and September) which ends on a certain date kinda like a semester at school type deal.  There is also some supplemental materials we do as a group online in the form of two online classes:

  • Basic Piano
  • Songwriting

I offer these cause I found that my clients who ended up getting signed or selling a bazillion copies of their cd’s or getting nominated for prestigious awards, etc all have a few things in common:

  1. Some piano skills
  2. Some theory/songwriting skills.

They don’t always play the piano in their act or do original music, but they use these skills to learn their notes, figure out cool arrangements that are unique and get them noticed, or make little piece of the arrangements that are original and fit into the song.  Of course, many of them DO play the piano along with themselves and compose many of their songs, but even the ones who do not benefit greatly in their career from these skills.

So we cover these skills in online courses where we post homework and get feedback to develope the needed skills.  It takes place online and is free to semester clients.  Participation is a must to continue with the online courses, though, cause I hafta keep the fire under you guys’ butts – -that’s part of why you pay me the big bucks, right?

Semester programs are pre-paid – you will see them on the online scheduler. The last day to enrol in the spring 2019 one is 10 February 2019