A lot of our clients are singer-songwriters so I wanted to take a minute and talk about them!

Singer-songwriters are a special type of client because they usually have something to say but they need help saying it.  That help has to respect their vision for the music while solving problems that are standing in their way.  These issues can be just difficulty singing certain notes, disliking the sound of their own voice, not knowing what key to put a song in, not being able to control their voice, singing high notes, hoarseness after singing (which is a bad look on tour), you name it.  But the most important aspect of giving them help, imho, is to always have their music in mind as the final product.  You must respect the music they need help on and respect their artistic vision.

In addition to vocal technique, sometimes singer-songwriters want to up their game in the songwriting department or learn how to produce their songs on their home computer to the quality of radio airplay standards. Tbh I hired David Lin with these issues in mind.  He’s got some big old degree in music production from Berklee College of Music in Boston (Magna cum laude!) and for crafting tunes both as compositions as well as as music tracks, he can hook you up.

Anyway, be sure to checkout our group songwriting & music production courses (next start date is earlyy January) which is cheap AF to just give you a chance to work with David, but also come see us for voice technique and let us know any problems we can help solve.  We’ll respect your artistic vision while giving you tools to get the results you want in your songs.  Hit us up to get in with a first lesson and let’s do this!


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