A lot of times I am asked what styles I teach.  I am mainly a technique teacher (see my FAQ)- which, you DO need to modify your technique according to what style you’re singing in cause you don’t wanna sound like a classical singer singing pop, right?  But I also do coaching in many styles.  I can’t do heavy metal screamer/demon voice,but other than that my students run the gamut of:

  • Pop (we’ve had successful American Idol auditions including one Golden Ticket winner)
  • K-Pop (One of my clients got onto Superstar K and then was signed in Seoul where she now lives and works)
  • C-Pop (several of my clients are Canto-Pop stars or super-stars in Hong Kong.)
  • I-Pop
  • Did I mention Pop?  Just checking!
  • Rock (several of my rock clients have been signed and one was featured on a music reality show for MTV)
  • Blues (International Blues Challenge regional winners – my client was flown to Memphis for the nationals)
  • Jazz (which is what I sing)
  • Classical (which is what I was trained in)
  • R&B (Super Idol runner up basically sang R&B although it was called “jazz” on the show)
  • Soul
  • Indie (That was the GRAMMY nomination)
  • Singer-Songwriter (Many, many local music award nominees & winners at the San Diego Music Awards, LA Music Awards, Bay Area Music Awards, Artists In Music Awards, etc)
  • Spoken word and Hip Hop
  • Religious/Sacred –  and even some cantors come through here which is a lot of fun.

My students sing in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, English (which I know you would never guess), Hindi, Spanish, Latin, Yiddish, French, German, Arabic, and more languages. I’ve myself sung in Yiddish, Engllish, French, Swedish, Spanish, Portugese, Latin, German, Old English, and more.